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At BeautyMint, we’re on a mission to revitalize your natural beauty. Between collagen-boosting nutrients to topical ointments and moisturizers, we’ve reviewed all the best skincare products to freshen up your look and reverse aging. Beyond that, we also dive deep into popular trends and experiment with new techniques to uncover other hidden beauty secrets.

Natural beauty is underrated. We’re here to change that.

With a bias towards quality ingredients and routines that genuinely work, we produce in-depth lists, reviews, and tutorials to accentuate and enhance your natural beauty. So, read on, get inspired, and allow us to be a part of your natural beauty journey.

What is Eye Cream, And Do You Really Need It?

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Everything you need to know about natural beauty and healthier skincare.

8 Best Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements

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The BeautyMint Way

We’ve reviewed more than a hundred different products and experimented with dozens of distinct skincare routines so you don’t have to.


We start with the science and ingredients to verify if something will truly help in unlocking your natural beauty.


Many times, we experiment firsthand to see if the results actually speak for themselves.


From there, we put pen to paper and highlight the do's and don'ts of better beauty and skincare.

Meet Our Writers

Learn more about our staff of beauty enthusiasts and industry insiders.

Amina Bashara

Senior Editor

Amina’s previous stints include working at a boutique fashion company, a multinational hair care brand, and ghostwriting for celebrity authors.

Harriet Nelms

Assistant Editor

Part producer, part editor, Harriet coordinates reviews and triages the products companies send in. Occasionally, she claims a few samples for her own research (and personal collection).

Joslin Bradley

Wellness Editor

As an act of ongoing rebellion, Joslin continues to prove her mother wrong about being able to earn a living doing what she loves – writing about beauty and wellness.

Keandra Ali

Beauty Director

With a degree in African-American studies and plenty of firsthand frustration in finding products that match her skin type, Keandra can tell you everything about which beauty products work best for women of different backgrounds.

Olivia Shealy

Features Editor

Olivia is caught in a constant love-hate battle with the sun. Plagued with sensitive skin, she’s never caught anywhere without a mini bottle of sunscreen and SPF30 lip balm.

Rachel Lacombe

Editorial Director

Prior to founding BeautyMint, Rachel worked as a product designer and sourcing specialist for various whitelabel skincare distributors. Her behind-the-scenes knowledge comes in handy when reviewing new products and looking beyond the brand names and fancy packaging.

Samantha Ning

Senior Editor

Samantha splits her time between the U.S. and Asia where she explores emerging beauty trends before they go global.

Teresa Downing

Associate Editor

Although dedicated to the famous Korean 10-step skincare process, Teresa keeps an open mind about new routines that’ll give her an even healthier morning glow.

Our Underlying Values

We want to make beauty simple and accessible again. Our team keeps up with the fads and trends so we can highlight what works and what doesn’t. We generally skip outrageously-priced items and, instead, focus on quality and value so everyone can unlock their natural beauty.